Welcome in your house on the beach

You arrive in Bellaria, to the Villa Sole Resort Hotel, you park your car and you are directly on the beach!

You have arrived in your house on the beach: the holiday adventure begins for you and your family! Sun, relax on the beach, sea, plunges in the pool, genuine cooking, walks, excursions, funny evenings, animation. You are at home, with other families and their children, ready to enjoy a holiday on the beach in Bellaria.

The Villa Sole is a three stars hotel in Bellaria situated directly on the beach. Imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning and have breakfast admiring the sea and reach the beach without crossing any street. Very few hotels can guarantee this experience and the Villa Sole Hotel is one of them.

The hotel is very near to the center of Bellaria and the pedestrian area Isola dei Platani, where you can take a walk, enjoy the shopping and savour a good ice-cream. Sei curioso? Guarda la nostra video gallery.

And when you get hungry, our cuisine answers with the authentic flavors of the Romagna.