Parks, a carousel of emotions

The Hotel Villa Sole is located in Bellaria, on the Adriatic coast, an area where, in a few kilometers, you have the chance to reach the many amusement parks and attractions for all ages

Mirabilandia. The largest amusement park in Italy, with dozens of attractions, 15 shows, 17 restaurants and bars and a beautiful natural oasis. Among the shows there is the timeless Police Academy, the most acclaimed show in Mirabilandia, which is periodically renewed in the plot, setting and characters. In the park there are many attractions dedicated to both children and adults: Mirabilandia offers amazing fun for the whole family! The park is located about 25 km from the hotel.

Oltremare is a park for everyone: close to Aquafan, in Riccione. The surface of 110 thousand square meters is used to offer the most exciting tribute to our planet and our sea, as the lagoon of Dolphins (where the friendly marine mammals do their show), the Planet Earth the explosion of life, Darwin evolution garden and many other attractions. Through its spectacular, funny, original, and rich cultural activities, the park aims to encourage and promote the conservation of our environmental heritage with particular attention to the Adriatic Sea and its coasts. The park is located about 25 km from the hotel.

Aquafan in Riccione is a water park with its 3 km of water slides and 150,000 square meters of area, with water games always new, parkings and green spaces, it guarantees wonderful moments of fun. Plus a swimming pool with 8000 cubic meters of heated and purified water in which ocean waves are recreated with cutting-edge technologies designed to avoid any waste. Aquafan also has an intense night activity: during night openings you can dance in the pool until 1am, and then continue having fun in the Walky Cup disco. Aquafan is not only dedicated to young people, but it also has many areas for children and the whole family. The park is located about 25 km from the hotel.

Fiabilandia  is a theme park tied to the magical world of children and entertainment. All routes and many of the attractions are accessible to children with disabilities. Among the main attractions the Bay of Peter Pan, the Gold Mine, Captain Nemo’s submarine, Merlin’s Castle and many other are included . And the giant slide is so exciting! The park is located about 17 km from the hotel.

Italia in Miniatura is a theme park where to enjoy a wonderful and otherwise impossible adventure to explore the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe through 270 perfect scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces of our country. Ideal for a trip, it is a real journey of knowledge. To the Italia in miniatura you can enjoy a unique and limitless experience, thanks to the attractions that the park offers! Measure your skills driving with the Interactive Driving School, or challenge your friends in sparkling water fights to the last drop with Cannonacqua! And if you feel a daredevil… Try to tackle the rapids river on a canoe… And if that is not enough for you… Well, collect your courage and launch yourself in the sky at supersonic speed aboard Sling Shot! If you want to enjoy the park while relaxing with family, lose yourself in the monorail Rainbow or a gondola in Venice, one-fifth of the original! The park is located about 10 km from the hotel.